Students from age 5 and up are given warm up, cool down and basic technique exercises, with foundation steps using soft shoes and are expected to attend 1 or 2 classes per week. Families are given the option to enter Irish dance competitions known as a “Feis”.

Advanced Beginner/Novice

Students who have attended class for more than 1 year and have attained novice level at regular local competitions are given the next level steps and techniques. Students are expected to learn both soft and hard shoe dances and attend at least 2 classes per week.

Prize Winner/Preliminary/Open Championship

Students are expected to have a disciplined home practice routine, attend regular competitions and a minimum of 3 classes per week as part of their curriculum. Participation in performances and fundraising events will be expected of Students at this level.


Druid Academy was first started in Derry City by Glenn Simpson before moving to Toronto, Canada in 2010. Operating as "Druid Academy Irish Dancers", the school offers classes aimed at producing world class Irish dancers in a supportive and fun environment. Using traditional "Ulster Style" training methods coupled with new and original techniques developed by Glenn Simpson (TCRG/ADCRG), Druid Academy provides an atmosphere for those interested in learning or perhaps competing in the Irish Art of Dance. Druid Academy's new studio location in Toronto's east end offers a large area with purpose built stage, warm up/stretch sections, mirror walls and seating areas. Our class sizes are small providing every child plenty of one on one attention and guidance. We also provide a flexible timetable with classes throughout the week.

Our Team

Glenn Simpson | TCRG & ADCRG
Originally from the city of Derry, Northern Ireland, Glenn was a pupil of the late Dance master Mary Mclaughlin. By the age of 17, Glenn was a five-time winner at the All Ireland Irish Dancing Championships and a seven-time Ulster Irish Dance Championship winner.

His professional career began as a member of the original cast of Riverdance in 1995 and was featured in "Riverdance- The Show" Live at Radio City Music Hall. He was later a lead understudy and was featured in the documentary, "Riverdance- A Journey".

As Dance Captain and the character Oisin, he appeared in the West end production of "Dancing on Dangerous Ground", was featured in the DVD and also in the behind the scenes documentary "Dare to Dance".
Glenn worked closely with the producers and was featured in the instructional Irish dance DVD, "Jean Butler Masterclass".

Glenn became a teacher T.C.R.G. in 2001 and an adjudicator A.D.C.R.G. in 2009 with the help of the McConomy School in Derry City and has since been selected to adjudicate the World Irish Dance Championships 2012 in Belfast, and numerous championship events around the world.

Shannon Laffan | TCRG Trainee
Shannon has been dancing since the age of 5 and competed for 12 years at the regional, national and world level. She has been predominantly trained in traditional Irish dance and continues to grow her knowledge in other disciplines of dance such as ballet and tap. Shannon loves to share her knowledge of dance through teaching and coaching, especially in the area of sports psychology and mindset development.

Shannon is an ongoing learner who continues to take drop in classes in the city as she believes in strong technical development and safe dance training.

Shannon is excited about the development and growth of the Druid Academy dancers and is 100% committed to the lessons dance teaches children at all stages in life.

Shannon is currently working towards her formal teaching certification in Irish dance (T.C.R.G) and is committed to keeping the Irish dance culture alive.

Liam Kenny | Teaching Assistant
Liam is one of our veteran dancers here at Druid Academy who is always at the ready to help with class instruction.


I am proud that my daughter is a member of Druid Academy of Irish Dancers. Glenn Simpson is an amazing teacher who gives his attention to all levels whether you in place in a competition or not. It is a great school and all the parents and children get along well.

I originally switched to Druid Academy to give dance one more go before quitting, and five years later I’m in second year university and still try to make it to class whenever I can. Glenn re-ignited my love of dance and I have made friendships here that I believe will last a lifetime!

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